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How to quit smoking, guaranteed

Guaranteed is guaranteed so this is the real thing. If you’re a smoker and want to quit, my method will make you quit, guaranteed. And easy too.
Smoking is an addictive habit that leads to an awful end: we all die but dying of lung or throat cancer is not the way you want to go; read "How we Die" by Sherwin Nuland. I think every smoker wishes they didn’t smoke but quitting is just insanely hard. I know this because I went through it, and I’d like to give you my guaranteed method so you can quit too.
You’re probably so tied to your habit, that you’re wondering what you’ll do after lunch if you quit. Think back when you were 10: you didn’t smoke and after lunch, the thought of smoking just never occurred to you. After you’ll quit, the same will happen: you just won’t think about smoking anymore, it’ll be a gone habit, and you can do it.
So what’s my guaranteed method? The nicotine patch. But instead of putting on a patch in the morning, you just put on a patch EVERY evening when you go to bed, so that your body has all the nicotine it needs when you wake up. When you want to smoke, you simply take off the patch and go about your day smoking as usual. That’s it, just that simple, there’s nothing more to it.
Smoking reduces stress so if you decide on a cold-turkey quit date, you’ll stress up until that date and when the day comes, you’ll be so stressed that there’s no way you’ll quit. And if you try quitting by reducing gradually, then every cigarette becomes more and more desired, and you’ll be so stressed that you won’t quit that way either.
With the Sylvain patch method, there’s no stress of result: you’ll quit whenever. You’ll fight your inner struggle over time and when you’ll have succeeded, you’ll be done. Let your mind work its way out of the addiction, let the subconscious do its magic. At first, it’ll look like nothing’s happening but slowly, the habit of putting on a patch every night will trigger self-talk and thoughts in your subconscious. Eventually, there’ll come a day when you’ll keep your patch till 11am and you’ll only start the first cigarette then. And then some day you’ll hold off until 6pm. And then one day, you’ll manage to not smoke for an entire day. Congrats, just keep going.
I recommend you just start putting patches on and not mention it to anyone so that you’ll avoid the stress of hearing people asking if you’ve quit yet. Patches come in different nicotine doses: in most countries the maximum dose is 21mg but in Germany they sell patches with 42mg. Just make sure to put the patch on a different spot each time, one where it'll be confortable to wear when you're walking and sitting. After you quit, just keep the patch habit with the same dose for a week and then the following week just reduce the dose in half so that the no-smoking habit sets in.
And as for how long this method takes, it depends. I’ve quit smoking like this about 5-6 times and I remember quitting after just a week of daily patches and another time it took me over 3 months.
The hard part of quitting for good is not quitting, the hard part is not starting again. Even after 3 years without smoking, I remember that in a matter of 2 days after I had just one cigarette, I was back to smoking a pack a day just like I had never quit. Once you’ve quit, never have a cigarette again because that’s all it takes. But at least now you know how to quit: a patch every evening. Guaranteed you'll quit.
Good luck.