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Marketing is not about people, it's about some people

Have you ever heard someone ask "you think people will want that?" or someone say "I don't think people are going to be interested". From my experience, I learned that thinking holistically about a market is a both a tempting shortcut and a flawed approach, especially for entrepreneurs looking to create and distribute a new technology product or service over the internet. Think about the iPhone: when did you buy one? In 2007 right when it came out? In 2008, when the iPhone 3G came out? In 2009 when it started to look like everyone was getting one? Or did you get yours as a gift in 2010? Or, maybe you haven't gotten one yet but will in a few years? Like any new product or service that's released to the market, there are different segments: those who buy it first, the early adopters, and then there are people who buy it at later stage. And then, there are people who will never buy. There are cars that I would never buy but there are some people who buy them, and people who have to design them.
So when you're an entrepreneur evaluating a market, forget the whole market and instead focus your attention and understanding on parts of the market; focus on some people. Instead of asking "are people going to want that", ask "which people will want it, and of those, which people will want it now, and how do I communicate to them about my product or service." Marketing is about some people, not everybody.